Personal Money Coaching

A Money Coach consultation is a 1-on-1, personalised, face to face and confidential discussion about you to give you ‘financial peace of mind’, clarity and feel in control of your future.

During the consultation, I help you create your own personal ‘Money Plan’ to take away with you.  It includes your own specific steps and to-do list to work on to become more financially successful and gives you a map to follow towards financial freedom.

Please note that I have no links, affiliations or connections with any product-providers, banks, financial institutions or super funds. I only have your interests at heart.

How does it work?

  • FREE, no obligation 20 minute video or phone meeting to discuss your needs.
  • Personal Money Coaching of 3 to 4 hours over two meetings at $600 for video consultations or face to face for Melbourne City or South Melbourne area. 

The Money coaching Process Explained

1.     We complete a summary of your current overall financial position.

2.     Discuss your personal life goals and steps on how to achieve them. What is your strategy to reach financial freedom?

3.     Establish your detailed ‘Spending Plan’ (cashflow / budget) with tips on gaining control.

4.     Outline your own banking strategy to make the most of your income.

5.     Build your understanding of your superannuation fund/s to make informed choices.

6.     Explain your options to protect yourself from life’s unwanted surprises.

7.     Create a healthy mindset when it comes to money and finances.

8.     Help you prepare your personalised TO DO LIST with steps to get on track.

9.     Six week email contact to check you are on track and allowance for you to call me over this period to discuss your challenges and achievements.

I am really happy that I met with Phil, his money coaching has helped me with managing my money and I have a much better understanding of budgeting and how to pay the mortgage off many years earlier. I highly recommend him.

Marita Bentley

I’ve never had anyone look holistically at my family’s finances before and Phil brought up some issues I had never thought of myself, especially regarding superannuation. Phil was not pushing any agenda so it was a refreshing change from talking to a bank.

Sophie Hill